Outreach to Native Americans in Oklahoma

Come to the heart of Cherokee Nation to serve with the Native Americans at a local orphanage, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, and Vacation Bible School! You might be familiar with a journey now called “The Trail of Tears”  where they underwent perilous travel, many losing their lives along the way. The good news is we will be able to serve Native Americans while learning about their culture. Trip Cost Estimate: $1,100. If interested contact Ronald Flynn at 461-4821 or ronaldf@gatewaybc.com. Space is limited for this trip, and our first informational meeting is Thursday, March 15th at 6:15 pm in the Conference Room (Education Building, 2nd Floor).  A $50 non-refundable deposit is due by Saturday, March 31st to reserve a spot .

The event is finished.


Vance Pitman

Other Organizers

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