Gateway Pastors Training Pastors in Mozambique

Pastor Don and I recently returned from working with Brian and Becky Harrell, Gateway’s IMB partners in Mozambique.   During the trip we lead 25 Pastors in a conference in the city of Nacala using two translators – one spoke the national language of Portuguese and the other translator spoke the native language of Makhuwa.  Our topics included Discipleship, the Discipleship Making process, Living and Walking in the Spirit, Lessons on Leadership and Church Administration.  Many of the Pastors are considered illiterate but they know the Scriptures.  They have learned the Bible by hearing it preached and by being under Brian’s teaching.  In the Mozambique church when they understand the scriptures, they almost immediately utilize it in their daily walk.  In the same week of the conference, it was amazing to see them begin applying the things they were taught.


Something else very interesting about the Mozambique church is that they have almost nothing but they worship with absolute freedom.   The church I preached at did not have electricity or air conditioning, no doors or windows, a dirt floor, a concrete pad for seating and no instruments.  The people still prayed and sang with passion and praise to God for who He is, and not based on what they had.  Almost everyone who visits a third world country comes back with the same experience of seeing how those with less seem to worship with greater freedom.


Brian and Becky have been in Mozambique for thirteen (13) years, and it is clear that God has blessed their work.  The pastors in the conference seemed so comfortable with Brian, and they responded to his interaction with them with admiration.  While there, Becky had two (2) ladies pray to receive Christ during a weekly bible study she leads.  It is apparent that the Harrell’s are in the center of what God desires for them to be doing in Mozambique.


Please remember to pray for the Harrell’s and their ministry. Brian has recently been appointed as leader over all the IMB missionaries in Mozambique which is a big job. Andrew, their oldest son, is off at boarding school in Kenya, and he is missed by the family and Dylan, Janna Kate and Micah. All are doing well, but life is different in Africa.


by Ronald Flynn, Executive Pastor, Gateway Baptist Church

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