The Hope of Christ Has Made All the Difference

Mark lost his mother when she was very young. If that wasn’t enough for a child to deal with, it was his father who was responsible for taking her life. Mark has struggled with addiction that has contributed to his homelessness until finding help at Oliver Gospel Mission. Mark’s participation in several recovery programs didn’t offer him the real help he needed. He realized that the mission was different because the programs revolve around Christ. Mark mentions that “twelve steps were not enough…I needed real hope that I have only found in Jesus. My relationship with Him has grown so much while I have been here, and I don’t miss one day studying the Bible with some other guys in the program. We meet every evening at 6.” Mark attributes the real change that is taking place in his life to the Lord. Food, shelter, and recovery are so important…but the hope of Christ has made all the difference.


Oliver Gospel Mission is one of Gateway’s Mission Partners. Your gifts to the Faith Missions Offering help support this ministry to homeless men. In August 2017, Oliver Gospel Mission will open the doors to Toby’s Place which will expand its ministry to homeless women and children.