Our Joy Room is available on Sunday mornings during our 10:30am service for special needs individuals to be cared for while parents attend worship services and/or life groups. We have caring adults who spend time with each individual during Sunday morning.

This room is located in our Gateway Kids building. If you have a special needs individual interested in attending, please email Morgan at morganm@gatewaybc.com before coming so that we can be sure to be prepared for you!

Look for special needs parking at the front of our Gateway Kids building.



We have many families in our church that have or are currently fostering, as well as families who have adopted both domestically and internationally. If you have interest in learning more about fostering and/or adoption, we would love to connect you with one of our families!

Some agencies and organizations we have worked with or partnered with that would also be great resources are:

Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

Epworth Children’s Home

Lifeline Children’s Services

We have a ministry for our fostering, adoptive, and special needs families. Send an email to Jeff at jeffp@gatewaybc.com to get connected or for more information!

Hear from some our fostering and adoptive families:

An article from Epworth about The Conroy’s: https://www.epworthchildrenshome.org/carestories/redefining-family/