Mega Camp is coming up!

Mega Camp is only a month away. Can you believe it? This year’s theme is Shipwrecked. We will be learning that God rescues us in many different situations. We are going to have such a great time as we have our Worship Rallies, Imagination Stations (small group time), Exploration Expeditions (tracks that kids have chosen), and as we hang out together for the week.

As we plan and prepare for Mega Camp, we are praying that God will also prepare our hearts to receive the task of pouring into the kids who enter our church that week. We are asking God to show us how to convey His love to them. Hopefully, this will be done by forming a quick bond and relationship with the kids. Maybe it’s a smile, a hug, a thought provoking question. It could be in the form of patience, or being able to have fun with the kids throughout the day. Whatever it may be, we pray that God will draw the hearts of these kids to Himself and allow them to experience a love they’ve never known before. We will be learning about how God rescues us when we’re lonely, when we worry, when we struggle, and when we do wrong.

Would you join with us and pray for these kids and their families? Each kids will be able to take materials home daily that they can use to share Biblical truths they have learned everyday at Mega Camp.

Would you also pray for me as I prepare to teach each day in Mega Camp and Dana Dedmond as she teaches big group for Mini Camp. Pray that God will speak to their hearts of these kids and help them understand that there is a God who loves them very much, created them, and wants to rescue them.

We ask that you pray for our staff and all of our volunteers as they give of their time to invest in the kids. Ask God to shine so brightly through them – like a lighthouse – so the kids will be drawn to them and open up enough to allow God to work in their hearts.

From Small Group Time to Exploration Expeditions to Snack Time – everything we do is for a purpose – and that is to help kids know that God loves them and wants a friendship with them. What an incredible opportunity we have to be part in that process. If you want to be a blessing an die a part of what God is doing, register today to volunteer for Mega Camp ( I promise you won’t regret it!


Tina Corn

Director of Children’s Ministries

Gateway Baptist Church