Gateway Missions

We encourage and support each member at Gateway to be involved in serving and reaching people with the message of Jesus whether it be in our own backyard or in the most remote place on earth.

Why Missions?

ACTS 1:8

The Bible from Genesis to Revelation reveals God’s desire and design that all the people of the world may know Him. To live in accordance with God’s teaching is to seek and save the lost as He has done throughout history. Today, the Church is God’s instrument to communicate the message of Christ to the people of the world. 



Our ministry exists to provide you with tools and resources to help you ignite your passions, deepen your faith in Jesus, and lead a purpose-driven life. Working in cooperation with all the ministries of Gateway, the Missions Ministry will encourage and assist our members to live for others by serving people in our local community, in our nation, and around the world simultaneously as demonstrated by the early church.

Each member of Gateway will be educated, equipped, and encouraged to participate in God’s mission to bring the unsaved and unreached to life in Christ. 


MATT 28:18-20

God loves lost people and desires to draw them to Himself. God blesses congregations and individuals whose passions, resources, and energies are invested in the things most important to him. Therefore, God’s mission is essential to Gateway’s effectiveness and to every member’s growth in grace. 

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