Our students are doing what?!?

Our students are doing what?!?

I don’t know about you, but when I hear this kind of statement I assume the worst. I, along with a multitude of adults, invest in students in each week and we hold them to a high standard. We spend countless hours really trying to pour into their lives so that they can have an incredible relationship with Jesus and learn how to live out their faith! This is why it is so disappointing when a student who I felt like was really getting “it” does something that is so opposite of a Christ follower. It is disappointing, but then again they are just teenagers. I mean, can we really expect them to stop for a minute and consider someone other than themselves? Can we expect them to get up on a Sunday morning and actually WANT to be at church? I mean after all, they are good kids, but they are still teenagers and teenagers will just be teenagers. Right…

Well, this is why I was so excited when I found out what some of our students were doing every Sunday! Not only are students showing up early on Sunday morning, but they are coming for someone other than themselves. We have so many students showing up early on Sunday morning so that they can serve! I know, right? Our students are serving in Gateway Kids (which rocks, by the way), which is Gateway’s ministry for children K-5th grade! We also have Juniors and Seniors serving in our middle school ministry. These students aren’t just showing up to hang out, they are leading small groups, worship, and interacting with kids. These students are invested and they are there every week.

Here is what else I have discovered:

First, we have some incredibly awesome students!

Second, when you raise expectations for students, more often than not they will meet or even exceed your expectations! I cannot describe how happy it makes me to see our students wanting to lead and serve. I am so very proud of all of them and excited that they are getting it.

Third, when students serve, it impacts the rest of their life as well. The students who serve are more intentional about sharing their faith and inviting others to church. That hour of service each week really helps bring their focus back to what Jesus cares about, people.  They are making an impact in the lives of our children and middle school students.

This is just one example of how students at Gateway are living beyond expectations! I am so thankful for a church that allows and encourages our students to serve.