Reckless Love

As we gear up for our community wide Good Friday Service and Easter Sunday, I’m reminded not to miss it. We get so busy planning, finalizing details, trying to make things fun and exciting, picking out the perfect dress or suit, and getting pictures of all the kids – smiling and behaving, of course; that at times, we miss it. In the hustle and bustle of bunnies, candy, egg hunts, and dinner with family, we are so caught up that we have gone through the season or even the actual weekend of THE biggest reminder of what our Savior has done for us, that we miss it. How long has it been since we have stopped and taken a moment to reflect, to worship, to thank God – truly thank Him for taking our place? For paying our debt? For loving and forgiving us? For offering us life and an eternal home with Him?

The song “Reckless Love” has been continually playing in my head since I first heard it a couple of weeks ago. I can not shake the lyrics. It beautifully describes God’s crazy love for us and how He will stop at nothing to show us. Our kids are practicing this song to help lead in worship in a few weeks. I explained the words to the song to them, God encouraged my heart. He’s so good and gives us encouragement just when we need it most. I love our kids and it blesses my heart when they soak up facts about God and His extravagant love. They wanted to know what the wording meant in the chorus that says, “Oh it chases me down, fights til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine”. As I explained the parable about the lost sheep to them, their eyes lit up. Those sweet kids got it! God does everything He can to show us His unconditional, unrelenting love for us. But at times, we miss it. We don’t believe it. We refuse to accept it. He’s searching whole-heartily for His sheep. He’s fighting for us. Giving Himself for us. He lights up the dark corners of addiction. He climbs the highest mountains of pride and arrogance. He kicks down walls of strongholds. He tears down lies that Satan has led us to believe. He came. He died. He rose again. He lives! He loves you. His reckless love can change your life. Don’t miss it!