What It Means To Be a Spiritual Person
December 10, 2023

What It Means To Be a Spiritual Person


Pastor Don begins by introducing Riley and Madison Williamson who are going to South Korea to minister to students at Camp Humphreys. He prays for them and asks the congregation to support them.
He then transitions to the main message about what it means to be a spiritual person. He explains the differences between cultural Christians, biblical Christians, and nonbelievers. True believers have the Holy Spirit living inside them, guiding them to truth.
The Holy Spirit gives new power to live righteously and avoid sin. He leads and directs believers into truth and wise choices. The relationship with God becomes intimate like a child relating to a loving father. There is confidence in being God’s child and even being an heir with Christ.
An illustration is shared of three kinds of lives – the natural self-directed life without Christ’s influence, the spiritual Christ-directed life with Christ ruling, and the carnal self-ruled life where Christ is present but not obeyed. The goal is to live the spiritual, submitted life consistently.
In summary, a key mark of a true, biblical Christian is having the indwelling Holy Spirit who empowers righteous living, reveals truth, creates an intimate connection to God, and transforms us to living for God’s glory rather than selfish desires. The choice confronts all believers – will we allow Christ to rule our lives or try ruling ourselves? The path to spiritual maturity and peace lies in submitting to Christ’s lordship through the Spirit’s power.

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