Why Did God Choose Mary?
December 17, 2023

Why Did God Choose Mary?


This sermon explores why God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. Pastor Don first clarifies some misconceptions – the Bible does not teach that Mary should be worshipped or prayed to. She was not sinless or perfect, just used by God because of her ordinary humility and obedience.

God chooses to use people who earnestly desire to do His will, not those who are powerful or impressive by worldly standards. Mary was young, poor, uneducated – but willing. We must daily seek God in order to know and follow His purpose for our lives.

God also uses people willing to pay the cost of obedience. Following God’s path requires personal sacrifice – giving up comforts, reputation, worldly success on occasion. Mary gave up all these with courage because she valued God’s plan over her own.

Finally, God uses people who dare to walk by faith not fear. Mary had great reason to fear her calling, but she believed the angel’s promise that “nothing is impossible with God.” Instead of worrying, she worshipped God with thanks and humility.

True obedience, while costly, always results in blessing and joy. Pastor Don testifies he committed to following Jesus 51 years ago – despite many trials, God proved faithful every time. There is no greater gift we can give Jesus than surrendering our whole selves to live by trusting obedience as Mary did.

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