Take the plunge

It’s funny how some of the things we grow to love over time are some of the very things that we’re hesitant to jump in to at first. For example, I know more than one couple who ended up getting married even though they couldn’t stand each other when they first met. Or friends who were terrified their first day of snowboarding but now think it’s the greatest thing ever. Even my own relationship with…wait for it…olives has changed over time! Up until a few years ago I agreed with a friend who called them “the devil’s attempt at making grapes,” but now? Delicious (weird, huh?)!

All of this to say, if you’ve been wanting to check out a Gateway Life Group to grow in your connection with God and others but still haven’t taken the plunge, what are you waiting for? Those initial butterflies you may experience when you first meet up with a group will only last a few minutes, but pushing through your nervousness to take an intentional step of growth can help you build spiritual courage that lasts a lifetime. And over time you’ll come to discover just how much more fun following Christ is when you do it alongside people who have the same goal!

So if you’re ready to jump in and try something new but you have questions or need help getting it all sorted, don’t hesitate to give me a call at the church office (803-732-0590), send an email (taggw@gatewaybc.com), or pick up a Life Group Guide at the front kiosk in the Worship Center on Sunday mornings. You can also click on the “Learn More” link at the bottom of the group descriptions on the GBC Life Groups page (www.gatewaybc.com/gatewaygroups) to send an email with your questions. And get started now experiencing one of the greatest joys of walking with Jesus – journeying with others on the same path!