Two Millennials in Mozambique

David Geurkink and Luke Robinson are at the half-way point in their 4 month adventure in Mozambique. In the beginning, it was uncertain as to whether they would be able to stay the entire four months, but things have worked out in their favor. It has also led to additional ministry opportunities.

Shortly after arriving in Mozambique, the power was out for a week. They were forced to quickly adapt and embrace their new surroundings. They are learning to communicate by studying Portuguese which is the official language of Mozambique, but many tribal languages are also spoken there. No adventure is complete without new foods like Xima (pronounced “shima” – sort of like stiff grits), octopus, goat, and fish eyes. Don’t feel too bad for them, they still get some American food and plenty of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The key to mission trips is flexibility. Due to some changes in the area where they live, they have not had as much opportunity to work with the local fishermen as planned. However, they stay busy doing other types of ministry. The largest natural gas deposit in the world has been found in northern Mozambique, so it is advantageous to learn English with the hopes of getting employed by one of the oil companies. Luke and David teach English on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This gives them an opportunity to build relationships with their students and share the Gospel. On Wednesday night, they hold a Bible class for their English students. Luke has found a connection to some of the men through music, and one of them meets with him to learn more about the Bible. On Mondays and Fridays, they attend Bible study/church at a local man’s home. There are four local Mozambican believers at this church.

Along with the local missionary, they make trips to surrounding villages and islands. They have been invited back to show the Jesus film at “Egg Island.” They also visited “Big Coconut” village where there have been difficulties in the past, but this time they were well received and invited to return. On the most recent trip to renew their visa, they stopped at a village close to the border of Mozambique and Tanzania. A missionary family from South Africa has served there for twelve years, and only one person has placed his faith in Christ. They stopped to encourage the missionary family, and share their faith in Christ with the villagers.

Continue to pray for David and Luke. They are so excited about what God will do during the next two months of their visit. Also pray for the ongoing ministry of the missionary family with whom they work.