Update From Pastor Don

Hey Gateway! I’m writing to you from the Atlanta Airport. Ronald Flynn and I are about to board a plane for Central Asia. After two days of flying, we will be leading a Pastor’s Conference on Wednesday and Thursday. We are both excited about investing in the lives of these pastors who lead home churches. The national leader of the home church movement has been to Gateway on several occasions. He is a dear brother and friend.


The home church movement is a cornerstone of the purpose of Crossover Communication International… a mission organization that Gateway supports. In 2010, CCI set a goal of planting 2,000 home churches by 2020 with the  purpose of reaching those countries with minimal Christian witness. That was and still is a lofty, faith stretching goal. I’m excited to share with you that we are on track to plant over 3,000 churches by decade’s end.


Pray for our journey and investment of time and energy. And I suspect that as we spend time with these pastors, we will be the ones who learns from them.


Thanks Gateway for making a difference in the world in helping to fulfill the Great Commission.


Pastor Don