What’s a Gateway Life Group?

At Gateway, a Life Group is defined as “an intentional gathering of people who meet together on a regular basis with the common purpose of growing in their faith and in their love for God and others” – and here’s what we mean by each one of those characteristics…

Intentional gathering” – Our Life Groups are designed to be intentional in purpose.  We intentionally decide to meet together so that we will experience real life in Christ in community and grow with others on the same spiritual journey.

A regular basis” – Meeting on a regular basis establishes continuity and promotes commitment, both of which will eventually lead to real bonding and genuine community. We won’t grow together in community if we’re not spending meaningful time together, and this holds true even if our group is designed to meet together for just one semester.

Common purpose” –  Having a clearly defined purpose will help keep a Life Group from floundering.  Life Groups do not meet together for social activities alone, but to encourage group members to reach non-believing folks, to connect them with other followers of Jesus, to help them grow in their faith, and to challenge the growing to serve in ministry and worship God with their lives.

Growing in their faith” –  God lets us know in 2 Peter 3:18 that we “must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Spiritual growth or maturity is necessary for all followers of Jesus, and Life Groups provide a great environment for all of us mature together.

Growing in their love” –  The first and second greatest commandments God gives us are to love Him and love people (Mark 12:29-31). By intentionally experiencing the joys and disappointments of life together within a biblical context, we will grow stronger in our love for God and others.

Participating in a Life Group is one of the best ways to experience real life together in Christ, and if you’d like help getting plugged into one just click here to send an email so we can get in touch!