Which Summer Trip Should My Student Choose?

Which Summer Trip Should My Student Choose?

Gateway Students is offering two incredibly awesome and yet vastly different summer trips for our students 6-12th grade. The question is, which trip should my student go on? That’s easy… BOTH! In all seriousness though, we would love for your student to get the opportunity to experience both, a summer camp and a mission trip. But what if for this summer they can only choose one? Let me see if I can help!

Should my student go to BigStuf?

First, let me tell you what BigStuf looks like as it is the first trip we will take this summer. It is July 8-12th and the cost is $495 for your first child and $375 for each additional child you have going. Students can sign up for youth work days where they complete small projects for people in our church and receive donations to help pay for their trip. BigStuf is on the beach in Panama City Beach, FL. Each day students will experience live worship, a message from a speaker, and small groups lead by our student ministry volunteers. Students get the afternoon to spend on the beach or at the pool. Our student ministry team is very intentional during this free time to have intentional conversations with our students.

BigStuf does so well at making sure that everything the students do throughout the week pushes them to think about their relationship with Jesus. Being at the beach is fun and disarming and it helps students to let their guard down a little. The speakers do a phenomenal job presenting the Gospel in a way that could help someone discover a relationship with Jesus or go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. The small group times allow us to help students practically apply what they just heard and it gives them an opportunity to ask questions. BigStuf is the perfect trip for a student who likes the beach, but isn’t sure about Jesus or a student who likes the beach and Jesus and wants to grow in their faith. This is the perfect trip for students to invite their friends to even if they don’t normally go to church. We feel confident that they will have a good experience and we know that they will hear the Gospel!

Should my student go to Whirlwind Missions?

This is the second trip we will take this summer. It is July 22-27th and cost is $450 for the first child and $350 for each additional child. Just like for BigStuf, students can sign up for youth work days. Whirlwind Missions is based just outside of Atlanta. Even though we are only going four hours away, there are literally thousands of languages spoken where we will be going! It really is like going on an international mission trip without leaving the states. The missionaries, Tim and Ashley, have developed relationships with apartment complexes that allow them to bring teams in. Each morning we will begin by learning about the culture of the people we will be working with. Then we will go into the apartment complexes and host a block party for the children, teaching them Bible stories, doing crafts, and playing games.

Our mission trip is a great opportunity to experience missions without the cost or risks associated with going overseas. It will definitely help students grow in their faith as they share who Jesus is. If your student likes to work with children, they will enjoy Whirlwind Missions. This is the perfect trip for a student who has recently made a decision to follow Jesus or for a long time follower who wants to serve. Even if your student doesn’t feel equipped or ready that’s okay! We will have training and be with them the entire time to help.

Hopefully this helps if you are trying to make a decision and please do not hesitate to call the church office (732-0590) or email me, brandony@gatewaybc.com, if you have any questions or just want to talk more about either of the trips. They are both awesome and will both have a lasting impact on your student for the better!