Who Are You Looking At?

Recently I heard Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley speak about how we make comparisons with each other. When we compare ourselves to others, we either become arrogant or depressed. We ask ourselves “Do we measure up? How can I get what they have? When will what I have to offer be enough?” And once we figure out that we will never measure up, we become sad, aggravated, and depressed sometimes to the point of giving up.

We are looking at others when in fact, we need to have our eyes fixed on Jesus. We don’t need to look to other people and be try to be like them. We need to try to be like Jesus, the One who created us with individual gifts and abilities and He wants the best for each of us. We should be content with who we are in Christ and where He has called us to be. If our eyes are fixed on Him, there’s no room for comparison. All we need is what He is giving us. Don’t chase someone else’s dream. Live the life worthy of your calling. Don’t allow the thief to steal, kill, and destroy what God is doing in your life. Trust Him and run YOUR race. Be faithful. And when you are faithful, you will do things that are important to God and that will bring others to Christ.